Sippin’ on Santa Barbara

Entonces, I took my very first train ride this weekend to Santa Barbara. First of all, I live 15 minutes away from Union Station and of course my ass was running through the train station and died on the way to my train. My body made it just in the nick of time though! That damn train started moving at 7:50:00 AM!

Anyway, the trip was well overdue, ya girl needed a breather, so for two (plus) hours my friends and I involved ourselves in some deep ass conversations. The two hours passed in the blink of an eye. As soon as I stepped off of the train it was as though I really was nowhere near Los Angeles. All of the buildings, businesses, malls etc. pretty much all had very vintage Spanish style architecture. There was beauty everywhere. OR maybe I find beauty everywhere intentionally…who tf knows.

The wine trail we chose to follow was perfect; everything was in walking distance (wear comfortable sh*t)

First stop, FOOD: “Cajun Kitchen Cafe”

I had this shrimp, andoille sausage and grits heaven in a bowl combo with a mimosa that gave me LIFE honey! I’d actually never had shrimp & grits before and was a little concerned because not one person working there (particularly in the kitchen) was the least bit Cajun (HA!)….BUT hell, I was hungry so I ordered. This was also my first time putting mf SALT on my grits!!!! (I’m a grits and sugar sista) Anyway….that….sh*t…..was…..a vibe. lol so delicious & I will definitely be returning! Cajun staff or not………….

First tasting: Melville 

It was so cute inside! We had the best bartender, she was a Caucasian butch sweetheart who is married to a Somoan woman who’s family never lets her forget that she’s Caucasian. lol She was great, totally forgot her name! But you da bomb girl…you da bomb.

The wine here was very mediocre, I think they get a lot of business because of the location, definitely not for the wine. Hell the people may even come just to see the bartender….she almost had me!

Next! Santa Barbara Wine Collective (Riverbench/101C at The Lark):

OH, before I carry on, I am a white wine lover. My all time favorite type is Sauvignon Blanc, I really love that dry sh*t. So if you’re into reds don’t find yourself offended here lol you may wanna buzz off, thanks.

So we initially had this waitress who was very mono toned and just not excited about the wines she was telling us about. Poor thing was acting like one of those fine ass white boys from 7th Heaven dumped her basic ass. BUT, there was MELVIN (exactly what you’re thinking he looked like lol) with a t-shirt that said “Hot Buttered Soul” and honeyyyyy, let me tell you, he was WERKING the room in his turquoise cargo shorts. He works there for leisure a couple of times a month so you know he loves what he does and really knew his shit. (also gave extra tastings, MY BROTHA)

All of these tastings were whites, one dry, one sweet, one mixed and one with 20% dryness 80% sweetness which wasn’t bad, but of course my favorite was….you guessed it, THE DRYEST one in that b*tch. Will definitely return.

Numero Tres, “Corks ‘N’ Crowns”:

Now, this one had the most hype, even our butch Caucasian love warned us that it may be packed. Well, it wasn’t packed at all, but IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. We chose the Rose’ flight. Let me tell you, I am certain that choosing the Rose’ flight was probably the single most significant decision of my life. It changed me! Oh my god all were so amazing, BUT the winner was

Last but not least (only because of the scenery, “DEEP SEA”:

Now this place was so soothing to visit, and a great place to end the trip (and run for our lives for the train shortly after). This tasting had a lot of reds (which I remind you I am not a fan of). There was one that was so not tasty, so much so that I could only finish it if I drank it while eating a Hershey’s chocolate kiss (which I keep in case of emergencies like this one). That sh*t was disgusting.

Although the wine was not the best, the ocean definitely made up for it. I love how the ocean around this area was very calm…no angry waves anywhere. Folks were able to comfortably paddleboard and kayak without being tossed around *mental note* I have to return for this reason.

Overall the trip itself was a lovely adventure. I’ll definitely be doing this again soon! Maybe with a larger group? (Can’t go w/folks with bad energy though, that sh*t is suffocating). I definitely suggest that if you don’t have the resources or a baby sitter for an overnight trip, hop your happy ass on a train and see and what Santa Barbara (or anywhere) tastes like! Santa Barbara is mostly delicious and has such a welcoming vibe, although the occupants & visitors of this city pretty much looked like the lovely people behind me in the last photo (hence our excitement when we met Melvin) lol. It’s all love though. My only regret was not stopping at Marshall’s, I love to treasure hunt in Marshall’s when I go out of town.

Note to self: BUY 5 BOTTLES OF “LIQUID FARM ROSE'”…the sh*t made my soul sparkle! lol


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