Dom, Owner of Grown & Gardening is a vegetable cultivator who sometimes can’t remember how old she is, because she doesn’t focus on TIME; she focuses on making memories by experiencing the outdoors, relishing in the perfect food & drink combos, exploring new hiking trails, tide pools and so much more. Dom has a special kind of parenting style which is difficult to explain…maybe…”Back to Nature, but modern AF”.  I want to raise my humans to be well rounded, compassionate, and curious individuals, which will allow them to thrive in a world that is not set up for them This blog gives you all a glimpse into my adventurous way of life and my “outside of the box” beliefs and my ability to remain UNFUCKWITHABLE. I promise to share the lessons that I’ve learned so that you can skip the failure phase and just learn & grow & pass that sh*t on (repeat).

With Peace & Love,